2nd Annual Blogging for LGBT Families Day!

Situated smack-dab between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is this
year’s 2nd annual Blogging for LGBT Families Day
on June 1st. It is a day when Bloggers of all sexual orientations
and gender identities come together and write in celebration and
support of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT)

The event was developed by LGBT-parenting site Mombian and is sponsored by all
of us at Family Pride (yay!). Together, we will raise awareness of
LGBT families, their diverse backgrounds and how current
discrimination is negatively impacting all families.

Our friend Dana Rudolph, founder and publisher of Mombian,

I chose June 1 because it falls almost exactly between
Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. As such, it honors both equally, but
also conveys that not all families fit into the traditional
structure of one mother and one father. June 1st is also the start
of Gay Pride Month, making it doubly appropriate.”

Last year, over 130 bloggers participated in Blogging for LBGT
Families Day including lesbian moms, gay dads, adult children of
LGBT parents, members of the transgender community, LGBT
individuals without children, and non-LGBT allies. Countries
represented included the United States as well as Australia,
Canada, and the UK. Some bloggers told stories about their paths to
parenthood, or tales about their children; some wrote about LGBT
relatives or friends; others discussed current political events;
and several spoke of why their faith compels them to support LGBT
rights. Many affirmed that love was the defining characteristic of
a family.

Dana went on to say:

Sharing our stories and opinions with each other and
the world helps us realize our similarities and respect our
differences. It gives strength to the LGBT community and our allies
and helps others understand us. They can see that anti-LGBT
legislation affects real families.”

Any blogger who supports the goal of the event is welcome to
participate, whether they are LGBT or straight, parents or not. To
do so, bloggers should write relevant posts on or before June 1,
and notify Mombian that
they are taking part. Mombian will showcase the full list of
participants on June 1. The choice of subject is up to individual
writers. Topics might include family anecdotes, paths to
parenthood, a local or national issue of LGBT family rights, being
raised in an LGBT family, having an LGBT relative, or what someone
has learned from the LGBT family down the street.

For more details about the event, or to download promotional
banners, visit Mombian’s
Blogging for LGBT Families page