house parties for equality

Supporting family equality can take many forms. Participation in
the movement occurs at many levels – all of which are equally
important. Even by reading and commenting on our blog, you’re
acting as an active participant in the fight for equality.

Many of our supporters participate in the movement by hosting house
parties. Some of the parties are large and ambitious, but many of
them are small and occur among a small group of five or six
friends. Sometimes house parties raise funds, and sometimes they
increase awareness and introduce our families to neighbors or other
parents from the same school.

Small or large, house parties are a great way to be a part of the
national discussion about our families. They’re a great way to
build community power at the local level and actively engage new
and existing supporters of this important movement.

If you want to throw a family equality house party, lean on us for
support. Recognizing the importance of house parties, we put
together a publication
that will guide you through the process. Reach out to us and let us
know how we can support you.

Or, if you’d rather attend a house party, we’ll be happy to find
one in your community. Right now, we have upcoming house parties in
Atlanta, Los
, and San Francisco.