staff spotlight: a conversation with Sara Leckey

At Family Pride, we like to think of our team – the staff, the
volunteers, the board members and our many supporters – as one big
family. With a family as big as ours, we thought it would be
a nice personal touch to highlight some of the wonderful
individuals that make our work possible. Today’s blog is a
conversation with Sara Leckey, our development and administrative

Dave: Where are you from?

Sara: I was raised in Minnesota, the land of cold and casseroles. I
have since lived in Massachusetts (where I went to Smith College)
and currently reside in Washington, DC.

D: How did you come to work at Family Pride?

S: I came to Family Pride because of my passion for working in the
LGBTQ movement. And it is a fantastic fit because we are a small
organization working at the national level. I love working with
our families – they motivate me to continue and expand upon my role
as an activist. Plus, I get to come to work with a talented, smart,
and energetic team everyday – working in our office is really like
being part of a family (sometimes we even make popcorn and watch
movies, but of course, this is after hours).

D: What are some of the things that you do

S: I’m primarly responsible for development event planning (house
parties, fundraising events), gratitude and supporting Jenn (our
executive director) in her many functions.

D: Why are you so passionate about family equality?

S: Even though I am not a queer parent, I believe oppression begets
oppression. I recognize the importance of standing up for all
loving families. We cannot compromise when it comes to equality and
our families deserve nothing less.

D: What’s your favorite Family Pride memory?

S: In the heat of Family Week 2006 in Provincetown, MA, we, as a
staff, had the distinct pleasure of dressing up as pirates (striped
shirts–horizontal lines are never flattering [see photo]– knee
socks and eye patches) and handing out temporary pirate tattoos
(anchors, ships, gold, you name it) to both youth and excited
parents who were out for our pirate dinner and family dance. How
can it get better than that?