White House Egg Roll a big success for gay and lesbian families

Monday was the big day – dozens of gay and lesbian families
attended the 2007
White House Egg Roll
, making our presence know and our
existence real to million of Americans. We were proud to join the
many diverse families attending the White House Egg Roll this year.
For the second year in a row, gay and lesbian-headed families
participated in a great American tradition.

Thanks to the wonderful family members, staff and volunteers who
camped out in line on Friday night, we were able to secure 11:00 AM
tickets to the event. We wore rainbow leis to visibly and proudly
include our families.

This year, we were really just another part of the Egg Roll scene.
The controversy was lessened and there were no protestors – a
welcomed sign of the progress we are making in the family equality

To read a great article on Family Pride’s presence at the Egg Roll,
and to watch a wonderful video clip of executive director Jennifer
Chrisler and her twins Tim and Tom, visit the Politico
. And a special thanks to the nearly 4,000 of you who
were a part of our all-night
Egg Roll blogathon
– your support gave us something to look
forward to during that very, very cold night.