We did it! We secured 75 tickets for gay and
lesbian families for this year’s White House Egg Roll on Monday.
Our tickets are for 11:00AM, so we’ll be back at the White House
bright and early again on Monday. Hopefully, this time it won’t

We met so many great people in the last 36 hours – it’s really been
a great, community building event. Barb’s neice saw her on our
blog, and took a bus from NC just to be a part of the night! So
many wonderful people.

So, it’s over. We’re all back in our warm homes, showered and
clean. Thanks so much for being a part of this amazing event –
thousands and thousand have been following along in our blog.
And, if you’re just arriving to our blog now, go back to
our first
yesterday afternoon (at the start of our blogathon) and
enjoy the adventure from there.
We love your comments, so
leave a bunch. See you Monday!