Dustin: LIVE from the White House

Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! That’s right, this
Family Pride staffer has survived another year in the fight for
family equality. I was on vacation after a busy month—I spent 16
out of 31 days in March traveling the country advocating for our
families. But I flew back from San Francisco early this morning so
I’d make it back in time for the Egg Roll 2007! Now I’m here,
bundled up with the rest of ‘em, enjoying some Caribou coffee and
a slice of BIRTHDAY CAKE!

I had great conversations about our families on the many flights I
took today. From Oakland to Denver I talked Sara, an older,
straight mom. She wanted to discuss her LGBTQ friends and the many
ways they’re creating their families. I updated her on the second
parent adoption bill in her home state of Colorado.

From Denver to Chicago, I talked to Ben, a young teacher who has a
gay father and wanted to know how better to represent LGBTQ-headed
families in the classroom.

And from Chicago to Washington, DC, I talked to Jackie, a young mom
who works for Children’s Protective Services. She advocates for
fair foster and adoption policies, inclusive of LGBTQ parents. And
she remembers the Egg Roll 2006 for positively impacting her own
parents views on LGBTQ-headed families.

What amazing allies I found on my flights today!

So while Sara and Dave, Kent, Kim and Lisa, Charlene, Cheryl and
Jenn were back in DC, pitching the tents, organizing our families,
prepping the coffee and getting ready for the big day, I was
working my way back home, spreading the message of family equality
up and down the aisles. Back to work!