We’re here!!!

We’re here! We – Family Pride staff, volunteers and families
arrived just moments ago, and were greeted by (believe it or not) a

We’re thrilled to bring this live blogging event! We invite family,
friends and supporters to leave comments and messages to us
throughout this experience.

Here’s what we’re expecting:

  • Now: Staff, volunteers and families are lining up along the
    Ellipse (just outside the White House) and are setting up tents to
    secure our spots in line.
  • 8:00: Pizza arrives!
  • 10:00: Coffee arrives and snacks to help us get through the
  • 3:00 AM: White House staff hand out vouchers. The vouchers will
    be redeemed in the morning for actual tickets.
  • 7:30 AM: We trade our vouchers in for tickets to the White
    House Egg Roll

So, stay tuned! We’ll bring you the very latest as the events
unfold… that is, until our fingers get numb from these
sub-freezing temperatures.