The surreal life…

Kim again, reporting from the Ellipse. It’s so surreal being here
in the middle of DC, with the White House as a backdrop, surrounded
by the tents and folding chairs and families.  It’s like
camping, but with emergency vehicles roaring by and snipers in the
distance.  But how many people can say they camped out at the
White House?  I guess a lot, considering the hundreds of tents
that are already lining the Ellipse.  But it’ll still be a good
story to tell my not-yet-existent grandkids.

Anyway, we’ve made friends with our (non-Family Pride) neighbors
and have had the chance to educate them about our families.  We
originally bonded with them over our almost-failed attempts to set
up our tents.  Being here, with so many other families, provides
an amazing opportunity to increase the visibility of our families
through basic one-on-one conversations.

On another note, Dave and I looked at the weather online a while
ago and it’s 42 degrees (but dropping quickly)!  And here we are
in our thermals, prepared for sub-freezing temperatures.  I guess
it’s better to be prepared.  Rick did say there’s a 90% chance
we’ll get 2 inches of snow.