Egg Roll Central: the big night is here!

Preparations are underway for the 2007 White House Egg Roll
– we’re busy packing boxes, rainbow leis and great giveaways for
the families in attendance.

Tickets aren’t available until Saturday morning, but people are
already in line
! So, Family Pride staff, volunteers and
dedicated families will be gathering outside the White House at
7:00PM tonight to secure our Egg Roll tickets. Yes, that’s right.
We’ll be waiting in line all night… and the forecast is
calling for 28 degree temperatures accompanied by sleet and snow
showers. Nonetheless, we know it’s going to be an amazing and
powerful night!

Of course, we’ll be blogging
LIVE from the White House
all night long – so bookmark this
page, check back often and keep us company! Leave lots of comments
– we’ll share your kind words and support with everyone in

(left: boxes and boxes and boxes of freebies; right: Kent is
holding down the fort for us at Egg Roll Central, Lisa is packing
lots of warm blankets for the long night, and hundreds of our
rainbow leis)