scientists fight the radical right

In December, 2006 Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family wrote a
for Time Magazine blasting the decision of Mary Cheney,
the lesbian daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney, and her
partner, Heather Poe, to start a family. The article misstates and
twists social-science research to arrive at a false conclusion: gay
parents are bad parents. Outraged by Dobson’s fraudulent
accusations, Family Pride
executive director Jennifer Chrisler wrote a rebuttal
that was published Time.

The manipulation of social science research by the radical right
must stop.

There was a time when the media would hold organizations like Focus
on the Family accountable for their misinformation and lies. The
times have changed. But the scientific community is fighting

Today, Truth Wins Out
launched a new website,,
where top researchers can speak out and report distortions of their
work. Among the researchers featured, Dr. Carol Gilligan, whose
research was misquoted by Dobson in his Time Magazine article.

It’s a start. We applaud the academic community for standing up and
refusing to let their work be distorted for political gain.

If you suspect that scientific research is being misrepresented, do
your homework. Confirm the distortion. Let the researcher know.
Report it to, and write an op-ed reporting
the misuse. Take a stand for truth.