where there’s a radical right, there’s a way

Equality Texas reports
that State Representative Warren Chisum (R-Pampa) is setting the
stage for another attack on LGBTQ-parented families. Chisum, who
championed the Proposition 2 Marriage Amendment in 2005, has made
an about-face on his statement saying that he would no longer “beat
up on the homosexual community.” As the chair of the powerful House
Appropriations Committee, Chisum is now floating the idea of a
“preference system,” whereby married heterosexual couples are given
preference over any other kind of family for adopting children. It
seems like conservative legislators believe that “beating up on the
homosexual community” is, in fact, the only way to keep themselves
in office! But we know that isn’t true. In November 2006, the
people showed their distaste for the politics of hate. Radical
right politicians are scrambling to find even more nuanced ways to
attack LGBTQ-parented families.

Now is the time to organize against the radical right agenda, in
Texas and beyond. As conservative politicians continue to attack
our families for political gain, we must stay prepared and be ready
to show up and speak out when called upon.

Family Pride and Equality
Texas are calling on our Texas families and allies to stand up this
March 5 for Lobby Day 2007! Visit http://www.familypride.org/texas
to find out more about Lobby Day and how you can help. Click below
to hear from Family Pride Board Co-Chair and former Dallas resident
Ken Manford on why Lobby Day is so important for our families.

The right is down but not out, and they will use our families to
get back up if they think they can. We have to show Chisum and his
colleagues that they represent all families, not just their
ideological base. Sign
up for Lobby Day, share your family story, and be heard for family