my big fat gay agenda

We’ve heard a lot of talk about the gay agenda. But what exactly
is it? Here’s my gay agenda:

  1. Schedule next play date for my kids
  2. Be treated fairly and equally
  3. Buy milk

I just don’t see what’s so threatening about my gay agenda. I
think my agenda is quite reasonable. In fact, I think that my gay
agenda is the same as the agenda of any loving parent. We want to
protect our families. We want teach our children values like love
and respect. And, most of all, we want our kids to be safe.

Unfortunately, our children aren’t safe. Schools aren’t inclusive.
Just yesterday, the associated press announced that the Utah Senate
would be debating a
bill that allowed schools to prevent the formation of gay-straight
. Such prevention could occur if the formation of a
gay-straight alliance would threaten the “moral well-being” of
students. Is there something immoral about equality? Is there
something immoral about providing a safe-space for LGBTQ students?
It’s a ridiculous debate.

However, there are a lot of tangible things we can do to make
schools safer and more inclusive. Here’s a great list to start

  1. Donate inclusive
    to school libraries
  2. Make sure school forms read parent/guardian instead of “mother”
    and “father”
  3. If you’re an LGBTQ parent, be as “out” as is safely
  4. Attend school board and PTA meetings (and run for office!)
  5. Check for bullying policies (and if your school doesn’t have a
    policy, contact the right people to create one)

You see, as parents, that which bring us together is so much
stronger than that which divides us. We want our children to be
safe. And the reality is, they’re not. The responsibility is on you
and me. Family Pride is
here to help.

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This isn’t about “gay” or “straight.” It’s about the safety of all