California’s “certificate of inequality”

Wednesday is Valentine’s Day. A lot of couples will be tying the
(government-sanctioned) knot, but with the exception of
Massachusetts, none of them will be queer.

We first got wind of Freddie Oakley from one of our newly trained
participants. Freddie Oakley is in charge of issuing marriage
certificates for Yolo County in California; she is straight,
married for 37 years to the same man, a mother, and an Evangelical
Christian. And, she is an ally.

California law prevents Oakley from issuing marriage certificates
to gay and lesbian couples. Oakley believes that preachers should
be kept out of politics, stating “I don’t go down and tell my
pastor how to preach and I don’t want him to stand behind my

In protest of California’s discriminatory marriage law, Oakley will be
issuing certificates of her own
. She calls it a “Certificate of

Oakley’s protest has drawn a lot of attention – and a lot of nasty
responses. It’s time we show her some support. Send Oakley an
email. Let her know
that we value her commitment to equality. She’s standing up for us.
Let’s stand up for her.