visit your representatives

With a new legislative session in full swing, it’s time to
introduce your family to your elected officials. Research shows
that non-LGBTQ people are more likely to support family equality if
they know three or more LGBTQ people personally.

Keep in mind, your representatives include more than just
congress-people; you may want to visit school board members, the
mayor or local council members. Map out bus routes, hop in the
mini-van or walk down to your local district offices. If you can’t
get to the office in person,
a letter
or make a phone
. Decisions are being made now that affect our families –
every effort makes change.

At Family
, we know that small
actions result in big change. To discover small actions that you
and your family can take to increase the visibility of LGBTQ
families, visit our
publications and download 52 ways to be