lesbian moms to be featured on Fox’s Trading Spouses

It’s been a busy week for our OUTSpoken families – it’s time
to set your TiVo and VCR again!
Family Pride is pleased
to announce that one of our newest OUTSpoken families is going to be
featured on Fox’s Trading Spouses
tonight (check local listings) in a two-part episode.

Pepper and Judy are lesbian moms with two children, Corey and Shea
and live in San Diego, CA. For more information about this family’s
experience on Trading Spouses, check out GLAAD’s coverage.

This episode features the show’s
first same-sex couple, and increases the visibility of LGBTQ-parented families. In this
political climate, visibility is key for our families in changing
hearts and minds across the country.

Congratulations to Pepper and Judy in this amazing victory – and
thanks again to
Mark and Andy
, another OUTSpoken family, for their
earlier this week!