New Jersey school district under attack for teaching about gay and lesbian-parented families – Family Pride responds

On Monday, WCAU-TV/NBC 10 Philadelphia reported on the Evesham, NJ
School District’s decision to include all loving families
in their school’s ciriculium. According to the report, parents were
angry that their children were being taught about gay and
lesbian-parented families. Click below to watch the news clip.

After seeing this clip, I decided to see what all the fuss is about
– and watch the film in question that was shown to the elementary
school students. The same film that, according to one father, is
“absolutely appalling.” The video is titled That’s a
and was produced specifically for elementary school
students by Women’s Education
as part The Respect For All

The film is a half-hour documentary that helps kids understand the
many different shapes of today’s families – foster parents,
grandparent-headed families, guardians, single parents,
multi-racial families, families that speak different languages or
have varying religous beliefs, adopted families, divorced parents
and yes, gay and lesbian parents. The film defines guardian, race,
gay, lesbian and divorce in a way that children can understand. One
child states, “There are many different ways to be a family. It
matters that you love each other and take care of each other.”

This film isn’t about “gay marriage.” It’s about teaching children
an important and “poignant lesson about love and family,” as stated
by Robin Williams. And I’d have to agree. Is it ever too early to
teach children about diversity? Is it ever too early to teach
children that love makes a family?

Yes, I’m sure that children do have questions after watching this
film. But is that necessarily a bad thing? As parents, it is our
responsibility to teach children that there are many different
kinds of loving families. Films like That’s a Family are
powerful tools in facilitating that discussion.

You stood up with Family
when the Philadelphia School District came under attack
in October for acknowledging Gay & Lesbian History Month. Stand
up again and come to the defense of the Evesham School District. If
you don’t live in New Jersey, send an email to the school
district through Garden State Equality. If
you do live in New Jersey, or the surrounding area, go to the
school board meeting on February 13 at 8:00PM (25 South Maple
Avenue, Marlton). Act now and stand up for all loving