Family Pride launches Parents Group Corner

Family Pride is thrilled
to announce the launch of our Parents Group Corner
. You’ll find this website particularly useful if you
are currently involved in a parents group or if you are interested
in finding or starting a group of your own. And, even if you aren’t
in a parents group, you’ll discover a virtual community of parents,
prospective parents and allies in our message

We’ve worked hard to bring together this compilation of resources,
publications and interactive forums – so take a minute to poke
around. You’ll also discover the first instillation of our Parents Group
. These kits were built based from scratch based on the
needs of our parents groups. And, they are fully downloadable.

If you are currently part of a parents group that is not listed on
our website, then please send us your information. Just for
submitting your group, we’ll mail you enough hard copies of the
Parents Group Kit to go around.