Jan. 29: Family Pride gay dads on Oprah

It’s official! Family
dads Mark and Andy Sutherland-Travino, along with their children
and great niece, are going to appear on the
Oprah Winfrey Show on January
29. We’re thrilled that Oprah is including this positive portrayal
of a gay family on her show, and that the Sutherland-Travino will be sharing their
story with millions of Americans – changing hearts and minds across
the country.

Seize this amazing opportunity and invite family and friends over
for a viewing. Throw an Oprah party. Discuss the importance of
family equality – create new allies. Use this episode as a stepping
stone. It doesn’t matter if you identify as LGBTQ or not – spread the message
that love makes a family.

The episode is titled “Extraordinary Families” – check local
TV-listings for the exact time of airing.