marriage equality by 2020 – are you in it to win it?

This November the fundamentalist right got a wake up call – the
people of this country are tired of the politics of hate. Whether a
majority of Americans are on the side of marriage equality in this
moment or not, they do realize that attack politics are unhelpful
as this nation moves forward into the 21st century.

We saw this realization in Arizona, where for the first time the
marriage equality movement was successful in beating back a state
marriage amendment. And where we were not successful, we did make
inroads into the hearts and minds of American voters. The numbers
in support of marriage bans and amendments dwindle each time the
fundamentalist right uses marriage as a divide and conquer tactic
for political gain. People are catching on and they’re learning
about LGBTQ people and our families. The road ahead will not be
smooth, but it will lead us to a definite place – marriage equality
for all.

Under the stewardship of Evan Wolfson, executive director for
Freedom to Marry, Family Pride and other organizations have mapped
out a strategy to win the fight for marriage. It’s called 2020
Vision. It’s a deadline-driven approach.

2020 Vision begins with the idea that to achieve marriage equality
nationwide we have to set a date for that victory and work
backwards to see what needs to be done. Imagine that marriage
equality is possible by the year 2020, then define the work that
needs to happen in the next thirteen years. That’s what 2020 Vision
does. Here’s what it looks like – by 2020:

10 states must enact full marriage equality;
10 states must create and recognize civil unions;
10 states must create some form of domestic partnerships; (and)
20 states must show “climate change,” or positive shifts in
policies affecting LGBTQ people.

2020 works because it understands that all efforts towards LGBTQ
equality positively affect the fight for marriage. Some states are
more likely to pass full marriage in the next thirteen years than
others. But if we can pass legislation prohibiting anti-LGBTQ
bullying in the schools of one of our most conservative states and
change the minds of voters on LGBTQ issues in another, we’re still
moving forward with marriage equality for all.

If we realize the goals of 2020 Vision, in that same year at least
80% of the country will have stood up for partner equality of some
kind and 100% will have made their states more welcoming places for
LGBTQ people and their families. Our base of support for federal
action on marriage equality will be unavoidable. The winds of
change will be strong and clear.

LGBTQ parents are key to the fight for marriage. Whether you desire
the right to marry or not, you understand the need for LGBTQ people
to have access to one of the most culturally valued institutions in
this country. You also understand that no other legal arrangement
currently offers the same kinds and numbers of rights and
protections for families as marriage. As LGBTQ parents, you have
access to non-LGBTQ people in unique ways. The conversations you
can have with other parents – at your child(ren)’s school, on the
job, at the playground – will make the need for marriage equality
real for the vast majority of voters in this country – non-LGBTQ

Family Pride wants to help you do your part to make marriage
equality – full family equality – a reality for all loving
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