52 new ways to secure family equality

As parents, prospective parents, and busy family members we know it
is hard to find the time to do much of anything besides change
diapers, pack lunches, go to softball games, and proofread
homework. Nonetheless, our families have some needs that are
paramount – health, happiness and safety.

We fundamentally believe that LGBTQ-headed families can achieve the
recognition, respect, protection and celebration that our families
deserve through visibility.

Yes, our families are busy. Yes, we have lots of commitments. But
the health, happiness, and safety of our families come first.
Family Pride is committed to making visibility doable for the
time-challenged family. That is why we are re-launching the
once-a-week way to advocate for family equality: 52 ways to be
. Download it and print it out. Hang it on the fridge.
Make it a habit and make it fun – include the whole family.

Last year’s 52 ways to be OUTSpoken was a great success. We are
happy to re-launch this tool in time for the New Year! The new
ways to be OUTSpoken
reflects Family Pride’s reinvigorated
commitment to inclusivity, social justice, and equality for
all loving families (see previous blog).

Weekly advocacy suggestions range from ensuring that all forms in
your school district read parent/guardian instead of mom/dad, to
making family equality t-shirts with your family. With these small
steps, we will affect great change!

Download your copy of 52 Ways to be
. To lean more about Family Pride’s OUTSpoken Families
program, visit our website.