On becoming Naked Mole Rats

A bit off topic, but I’m a biologist, forgive me, found this
interesting:  I’ve argued before that homosexuality
probably genetically arises and persists in the human population
for several reasons
from genetic drift to kin selection. The
last, kin
, is a bit speculative to say the least.

(caveat: I think the biological origins of sexuality are _not_
important when it comes to our rights, rights come from our
humanity, not our genetics. That said, I just find it an
interesting topic along with the biological origins of a lot of

Well, E.O.
took me one step further! He suggests:
Is Homosexuality an Evolutionary Step Towards the

you know, like bees and ants, 99% of the population working for the
whole as one single organism while the other 1% is reproducing, or
something like that. Naked Mole Rats
are the mammalian equivalent. Hmm, maybe we are on the road to
becoming eusocial Naked Builder Apes, kind of doubt it though.